Spiritual Animals ~ Energy Paintings

Close-up-Illumined II - ascended wolves of Yellowstone NP & Aa Metatron, 120x80 cm, olieverf op doek

In addition to realistic animal art, Marjolein also depicts the spiritual light that enters the world now with the animal in the leading role. On canvas she visualizes what is happening energetically – at the moment – in the growth of human consciousness from 3D to 4 / 5D. This makes the workpieces very topical. The first two large paintings shown here are from her new series “Illumined”. It contains power symbols including the “Metatron cube”, spirals and (arch)angel orbs. The illustrated animal oracle cards also include her own channeled symbols.

The series of paintings will eventually consist of approximately 12 works, and will evolve over time. Here the first 2 are shown: “White wolves of Yellowstone”, in which the ascension of the animals (and the sacrifices they have given eg bison) is painted. The birds show the energy “Portal of Light and Love”. Each bird symbolizes a specific aspect for us humans. You will also see rose quartz and other crystals. This piece of work radiates so much Love that your heart embraces it energetically. It helps to become more aware, caring and respectful with animals. Animals give us so much more than we realize! ALSO CHECK: Spiritual animal oracles art