'Cato, Google and Loki', portrait painting in oil 35x35 cm (commission/sold)

After our cats died, such a void was left behind. Especially after our last cat was killed by a car in our neighborhood. Saying goodbye was very difficult for us. In magazine Landleven I saw the work of Marjolein Kruijt and immediately knew that she could immortalize our rascals. A very good choice. Yesterday we picked up the painting. Fantastic, so lifelike. You feel like they’re going to jump off. Loki the red cat looks at you as if he’s saying, I’m still here. It is moving how Marjolein has depicted the characters of the cats. Just the way they were. They are now back with us again, through this beautiful painting. Highly recommended for people who want to immortalize their beloved pet. ~ Love Noor de Winter.

'The Magic of Unicorns Oracle cards' Orakelkaarten Marjolein Kruijt & Diana CooperMarjolein’s illustrations are glorious.  She brings the pure essence of the unicorns into her paintings so that you can connect to them through the cards.  They are all so beautiful that I found it difficult to choose a favourite.  Light simply radiates from them all.

~ Diana Cooper, author of the Magic of the Unicorn oracle deck

Archangel Animal Oracle Card deck - Diana Cooper & Marjolein Kruijt. Photocredit (c) M.KruijtMarjolein’s artwork is superb. She is in a class of her own and her animals leap from the page. She has a deep connection with the creatures she paints and imbues them with special spiritual symbolism.

~ Diana Cooper, author of the Archangel Animal oracle deck

'Tigra', portrait in acrylics (sold)

Tigra turned out beautiful! I’m very happy with it. He turned out very well. Tigra looks a bit dreamy, but also a bit stubborn… very striking. I also really like the colours, the details and the monkey. Thank you so much!   ~ A. Franken

'Border collie'-Billie, 40x30cm, oil painting (sold/commission)Hi Marjolein,
I just wanted to let you know that we really adore Billie’s painting and M&S are very happy with it. Susanne just called me to say she feels Billie’s spirit through the presence of the portrait. That seems like a compliment to the artist. They’ve already put it in a nice spot with a spot on it to make Billie look even better, like you said. Thanks again and maybe see you again.

Regards, Monique, Michael and Susanne

'Porkenjo', 24x30 cm, olieverf portret (verkocht/opdracht)Hi Marjolein,
Even though Carola’s birthday isn’t until later this month, I wanted to give her the present. She reacted just like me, in tears… It’s so real, even the sparkle in her eyes… Like I said, it’s like she’s come back a little bit with us again when we look at her portrait.
Just sent a photo of the portrait on our wall 🙂 It has been given a nice place in the conservatory. She is now a bit with us again :’-) Thank you for the beautiful work Marjolein! We are very happy with it.
Regards, Jeroen and Carola.

'Apolo', digital portrait in commission (sold)

Hey Marjolein,

Wow.Wow.Wow. I am speachless about it…This is really how I see him (Apolo, deceased), you did this beautifully, really wow. I also really like that you painted him in his intermediate phase, not quite as a small foal but also not as a fully grown stallion. That’s how I see it exactly, the way you put it here. Thank you for that. The background, the colors, the elements in it are all right. I see the moon in the foreground and the sun in the background, which is right for me. The rainbow hihi, I always say “my boyfriend on the other side of the rainbow”, the movement / the emotions, also make sense to me…Wow. I can’t wait to hang it up and take it with me during healing sessions… Thank you, I’m really happy with this. Love and thank you very much <3 I think this is beautiful work and I am so grateful to you. ~Steffi

Unicorn oracle cards - Magic of the Unicorns Oracle deckOver the past twenty years I have bought many oracle card decks. But I honestly have to say that none of the illustrations were as divinely awesome as those of Marjolein. Her talent is out of this world, God himself or the Goddess herself seems to be painting through her.
Additionally, I had a look at many of the paintings on her website and I find all of them absolutely brilliant, magnificent, wondrous and far beyond beautiful. She is a gift to the world and I thank the divine Source and her radiant soul that she met Diana Cooper. Because of this, I am blessed to praise, admire and appreciate her amazing art work. Lots of blessings to her and may she grace us for many more years with the astounding and magic beauty she brings to the canvas. Thank you, earth angel! ~ Ina

'Leonberger' - Penelope, 50x60 cm, olieverf portret schilderij (verkocht)Hi, Marjolein, I just really don’t have the words to express how much this means to me, or how incredibly beautiful your work is, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The portrait is so incredibly beautiful. I can’t even tell you how much it means to me. Somehow you managed to capture her spirit, to the point that it was initially a bit startling. It looks so lifelike, it’s almost like she’s right here with us again. There is something about the eyes, and you managed to capture the exact right quality about them that I loved so much. I have no idea how you did it. The mini portrait is gorgeous as well.

Working with you has been amazing, and I really appreciated your compassion and thoughtfulness throughout the whole process. It warmed my heart to know that Penelope’s spirit touched you a bit too, and this has been a profoundly important part of my healing process. Thank you so very much.

Warmly, Juliana (USA)

'The Magic of Unicorns Oracle cards' Orakelkaarten Marjolein Kruijt & Diana CooperSo beautiful. I love the Unicorn Cards you illustrated. Thank you for
these Gifts, Marjolein. I feel as though a whole new world is opened
within me. Lots of Love from Florida. – Heather H.

'Hollandse smous'-Joes, oil 30x30 cm (sold)

Hi Marjolein,
Every time I look at the painting I am amazed. Bizarre how you can paint this, put so many emotions in it with the brush! I often show it to friends on my phone; beautiful photo, the response is unanimous. Then I show the photo where Joes is sitting next to the painting, resulting in confusion and surprise. Chapeau Marjolein,  my choice to choose you was indeed the right one! Greetings, Gerard

'Shelties', 50x60 cm, oil painting (sold portrait commission)Hi Marjolein,
It was special yesterday to pick up the painting from you. You have a nice and quiet workplace which also radiates peace when you enter, also because of the quiet music in the background. It was nice to see where all those beautiful paintings are made. The painting now stands on the edge of the fireplace and every time we look up close and see how beautifully you have painted everything in detail; the hairs of the fur, the eyes, nose … everything! it’s gorgeous. We are very happy with it and will enjoy it.
Sincerely, Y. van Herk

'Cavalier king charles Spaniel', 30x24 cm, oil painting (sold)

Hi Marjolein,

Thank you very much for the beautiful painting. We are all emotional. It has become very special.
Her eyes follow me everywhere, a real Mona Lisa effect. Very pretty and special! It makes me very happy. We will come back to you for our other dog, Jazz.

Regards, Linda Crombach

'Uthai', portrait in pastel (sold)Hello,

the portrait is unimaginably beautiful. I had been looking for an artist for a while and when I came across your site I immediately knew this woman is the only one who can portray him as he was, your technique and how you can capture the feeling on paper or canvas is from a level that almost no one masters. A real masterpiece! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Stig V.

'American stafford'-Easy 60x50cm, oil painting (sold)

Well, it was a huge success. My wild rough hard rocker………..in tears !!!
Totally speechless.

Thanks again for the super beautiful painting, you rock!

Linda vs.

'Cocker Spaniel', 10x10cm, portraitt in acrylics (sold/commission)Hi Marjolein,

This afternoon we received the miniature from Odin. So beautiful and so real Odin… .. we really had to wipe away a tear…
Thank you very much for making this precious portrait of our sweet cocker!

Greetings Ingrid

'Labradordoodle'-Pumpkin,30x30 cm, oil painting (sold)Hello Marjolein,

We marveled at the painting last night, and you were right there were a few tears shed. Thank you so much for the effort and care. We really appreciate it and couldn’t be more pleased. It’s fantastic! Pumpkin looks beautiful.

Bill (USA)

'Small Münsterländer'-Hidde, miniature portrait 10x10 cm (sold)Good evening Marjolein,
I am very happy with the portrait. How beautiful she is !! And how pretty you packed it for me. Thank you very much! I will find a nice frame for it and she will have a nice place in the living room. Nicely done and it is exactly Hidde. I am really very happy Greetings, Marieke

'Rode kat portret', 10x10 cm, Marjolein Kruijt (verkocht/opdracht)Hi Marjolein, the miniature portrait just came in and it’s gorgious! I am so happy with it, I recognize Poek fully. Really beautifully done! I’ll get it framed and give it a special spot. Thank you so much for this beautiful keepsake.
Greetings, Lotte

Hi Marjolein,
When my father came home I was so exited I jumped off the couch.  He came in and revealed the portrait. You captured something for me and my family something that isn’t possible on a single photo. I already knew you were good in painting details and composition. But the expression you captured in this portrait is phenominal. I just can’t discribe what I feel. It’s incredibly, so ‘Lotus’! I can’t thank you enough for this. Super. Thank you! ~ E. Teeler

Hi Marjolein, I received the portrait yesterday. You were right, in reality it is even better than the preview. Now I will find a nice framework worthy for your artwork. I thank you from my heart, you have really made Paco immortal. Multiple commissions for other portraits of Paco will definitely follow. With warm regards, Michael

schnauzer-lyla-miniatuur-portretHi Marjolein!
I just received my miniature portrait of our Schnauzer Lyla today. I am absolutely floored by the portrait. I knew it would be beautiful but it far exceeded my expectations. You really captured the spirit of Lyla in the portrait. My family will be so excited to see it on Christmas morning. Thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful piece of art, we will treasure it always! Happy holidays! All the best,  A. Kirby (USA)

Hi Marjolein,

The biggest compliment! My other cat thought Binkie was real and went sniffing behind the painting ……..

Warm Regards, M. M.

Dear Marjolein,
Thanks to your beautiful portrait of our dear ones, they have been immortalized not only in our hearts, but also on canvas. A beautiful view! You are not only empathetic and let that shine through in your portraits, but you are also a real artist! Grateful for your beautiful memory!
Carola de J-Bakker

Hello Marjolein,
Our great thanks for the wonderful result of Cathy. In daylight she comes out very nice, you can only see the colors. She is hanging in a good place in the living room and it feels that she’s back with us. Every time we look at her it seems to become nicer. Always other things to be noticed. With the tail slightly up, it becomes more cheerful, yet she looks at you seriously and with this attitude and the fact that she does not live anymore, it is as if she says: “I am leaving and I look at you once more“. That is partly due to the white light / light around her. I have already let some tears go, so it does bring about something; it is also a kind of closure for me. This is what I wanted to let you know.
Kind regards, Gina and Rainer

Ha Marjolein,
For years I have the opinion that you, as a human being and as an artist, command deep respect. We are so happy to have a painting of our 2 deceased dogs. Still after all these years this painting is enormously valuable to us, even though we now have 5 dogs. I hope to have 2 paintings made of these 5 and a picture of the ponies, kids and other animals that we have. From every piece of your artwork radiates your talent, your intense love for nature and animals. The fact that you can place that love on a canvas / wall enforces admiration and respect!
Kind regards, J. Lindenbergh

Hi Marjolein,
The result exceeds all my expectations (and they were high!). I am delighted with Tommy’s portrait and admire your great talent and commitment. Tommy’s death has left a huge void and with his portrait on the wall he still hears a little bit.

Hello Marjolein,
The portrait of Saartje has become very beautiful. Even more beautiful than I expected. When we arrived at home, we hung up the portrait immediately. A place where we have a good view on it. Every time it is a party to look at it. Thank you very much.
Kind regards, Pim and Anneke

Hello Marjolein,
We would like to let you know how incredibly happy we are with the oil painting of our Tika. She is facing the bank and looks at us. She follows you with her eyes, as if she is watching you a bit. It gives a nice feeling that she is with us again in this way. A warm consolation. It’s incredibly beautiful that you can hit the essence of our dog in her eyes with such a small dash of paint. It remains a daily happiness to be able to look at her through your painting with love !! Thank you!!.
Wim, Yvon, Maarten van Rijswijk.

Hello Marjolein,
It has been 5 years since you painted our Tracy (maine coon) in pastel. We still enjoy it every day. Especially now, because we had to say goodbye to our beautiful lady in the month of June! Tracy found her painting very beautiful! That sounds a bit strange, but when we hung up the painting above the couch in the living room 5 years ago, she watched the painting for a long time. Then she sat down on the couch, just below the painting so that she peeked upwards. From that time she did that regularly, lying on the couch and then looking at her image with satisfaction. So there you have it; animals see more than we think. I wish you a lot of success with your books and hope that something will follow in the future. I can enjoy your drawings and paintings in this way. Also I will check out the website regularly and hope to have one of our maine coons done in the future! Greetings, A. de Bruin

Hi Marjolein,
I would also like to thank you for the beautiful portrait you made of my beloved 3-generation Flatcoats. It was not easy for me: being so touched by them, since their resemblence is very striking it was also confronting. I couldn’t help thinking; seeing them all three, knowing in a while the oldest will be gone. But well then there is still something very beautiful to look at.
Kind regards, Moira

Hi Marjolein,
Thanks again for the beautiful portrait of my cocker spaniels Guido and Odin !! As if they will walk out of the painting any moment …. Greetings Ingrid

Hello Marjolein,
I want to thank you once again for the beautiful portrait you have made of us Sieteken. Superb !!!! Fam. Pauwels – Van Tittelboom, Belgium

I am very happy that you painting Murphy and Smurf for me 2 years ago. Meanwhile we have had to put Murphy to sleep after a short illness. When I look at the painting now, he is still close. It is as if he will jump off like that. Thank you,
A. Moerbeek

Hey Marjolein,
The portrait has arrived! I am really pleasantly surprised. I really liked the portraits on your website, but now I see my own dogs immortalized, I’m really happy! You have displayed their characters very well.
Thanks! Kind regards, Sofie (Tosca & Quinta)

Hi Marjolein,
Last month we collected the pastel drawing of our (aged 15 years) cats Shaka and Shauni. Last weekend there was a party at our home. We have had a lot of enthusiastic reactions about the pastel drawing. In particular, about the fact that they have been portrayed lifelike and with so many details. Everyone watched it. We are very proud of it. And many thanks for making this beautiful portrait for us.
gr Annette

You have made portraits of our 3 dogs, 1 of whom died. They are painted with so much feeling and precision. This way they always stay with us, fantastic !! I recommend it to everyone as a reminder to your dear pet or to give someone as a gift that misses his loyal friend. We show them to everyone with a lot of pride. Thanks! Karin Bakker

Hi Marjolein,
Yesterday I picked up the portrait from Mickey. Am really very happy with it, it is beautiful! Now I have a wonderful memory of my great cat. A lot of success and fun with other projects and much thanks for my portrait. Kind regards, N. van Vliet.

Dear Marjolein,
The painting of our Figaro made us both happy and sad. Luckily because it looks like she can jump away from it, sad because this will not happen. I have already given the painting before Christmas. My parents, brother and sister were and are very happy with it. It has become the most beautiful Christmas gift ever. At first we found it difficult to look at the painting. But in the run up to Christmas we have all got used to it and now everyone likes to see her. The painting is hanging in the room with us now, so that everyone can see her and she can keep an eye on everyone. Thank you for your beautiful work. Figaro is at home again. All good and a successful year for you, maybe we will order a painting of our Ollie next year! Much love from the Dijkstra family

I got my birthday present tonight: two beautiful pastels from our ragdolls Daan and Fien. Awesome! A fantastic result, a striking resemblance. I am very impressed. This is beautiful! Giver and maker: very, thank you very much. J. Engelsman

Hi Marjolein,
The painting of our horse Surprise is truly fantastic! I am very happy with it, it is a wonderful memento of my deceased horse. It is so lifelike that you can almost hear her neighing, and she looks really naughty as she always did. I think you are a very happy person if you can make something so beautiful and that others can enjoy it. If there ever comes another horse, I will definitely come back to you to have him / her immortalized by you too! Greetings, Tanja

Hi Marjolein,
My parents love the painting of Mc Fly, Max and Flint; the tears came to their eyes when they saw it. So lifelike and completely awsome that they are painted on the beach, where they walk twice a day throughout their lives. It has been painted so lifelike that my dog ​​Lepa continued to growl against the painting. Only after we let her sniff the painting did she stop, but she did watch it all evening with one eye. I will definitely come back to you for a painting by Lepa in the future! Greetings, Hanne

On my birthday a big surprise awaited me … a beautiful portrait of my two dogs, Dibbes and Floortje (Dalmatians). It is now hanging on the wall and I can not keep my eyes off. They seem to speak: Dibbes a loyal companion with those sad dog eyes and Floortje, a real rascal and teddybear !! Thank you very much for this lasting memory of two treasures. M. Freke

Hi Marjolein,
Wednesday I picked up the portrait of my three dogs. Then and already said in my card, wow what a great gift you have to paint animals this way!! Have had a lot of ‘oh beautiful’ reactions. I walked through the forest grassfields with Jens this afternoon and saw the white fluff of the painting back in the raindrops that lay on the blades of grass. I have been looking at the portrait for a long time already. Again: thank you very much. Dear regards Ineke