Interview Healing Art with Marjolein Kruijt

Marjolein Kruijt interview spiritele kunst eenhoorns en krachtdieren

An English interview about me and my spiritual art an carreer. Hope you like it!

the Power of Healing Art – artist Marjolein Kruijt talks about her inspiriation and artistic process. Her spiritual art is known worldwide in oracle cards, unicorn art and power animal illustrations for books.

How has your personal interest in animal communication and intuitive development influenced your art and what you choose to paint?

Painting pets (free and in commission) has been my absolute training to learn how to capture the soul energy of animals. Attuning to the (over)soul of an animal is where I get the most information, which also happens during painting. Intuition also helps to coach the pet owner in the grief process (their pets are often deceased) by guiding them through memories and choosing the best posture where the character of their pet comes through. It is capturing their pet’s energy on canvas. I feel that painting animals is spiritual service, for customers but also for other people. The divine light shines through, even when it’s not labelled as ‘spiritual art’, the energy is there. In my free artwork I feel completely free, designing fully from intuition.

How would you describe your creative process?

Focussed, attuned and open to receive. When I start, I need to…. READ MORE