Coloring pages ebook – Unicorns and animal symbolism

Coloring e-book by Marjolein Kruijt

Finally! I managed to make a nice new product for the holidays and add it to my webshop. E-book Coloring pages of power animals and unicorns. It was quite a job, each image took me a day to create. Did you know that spiritually themed coloring pages can be very healing during coloring? You automatically connect to the themes because you follow your gut in color choice, which is emotional. In these turbulent times, your heart connection is so important to stay in balance. That convinced me to make them. But it’s also a lot of fun if you ‘just want to color’. I explain more about the desings below.

Meaning of the images:
1) Unicorn: Listen to your heart, tune in to your magnificent higher self
2) Unicorn prancing: Choose your (soul) path that suits you best. Live your ‘best self’ through the golden path.
3) Panda: Stay in balance and in your real Being. Unconditional love.
4) Elephant: Open yourself to pure abundance and have fun!
5) Horses: Take care of others and release them. Open up to receive help. Connect with your strength.
6) Butterfly: Prepare for your transformation and wisdom and receive All that your heart desires.

directly downloadable after payment as a PDF
• Format: digital * PDF. For this you need a PDF reading program and a printer.
Pages: 9 pages:  1 cover, 2 informative pages, 6 coloring pages.
Language: english
Size:  8,3 MB
Price:  € 5,95  (go to the page for GBP / USD)

YES! I’d love to color this book

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