Autumn paintings

'Bosmuis', 20x20 cm, olieverf schilderij (verkocht)

The most inspiring seasons for me are autumn and spring. The transitions in color splendor, new discoveries in nature such as mushrooms, flowers and other scents give me energy! As expectant as spring, I also experience autumn in the same way. It’s a conclusion of a fruitful creative summer, or a new exhibition start after an executive ‘breeding’ winter. In the fall I get inspired for new projects, which I want to blow into the world the following year. Setting up a lot of sketches and workpieces is part of this. As soon as there is ‘winter rest’ in the air, I can work at my best, powerfully and create entire series on canvas. Hoping to get these out completed in the spring!
Below is a series of autumn paintings. Each with its own, unique story or experience.

Some are still for sale, most have already been sold. Click here for the available autumn paintings.