Marjolein Kruijt Natuur agenda overzicht 2010-2016
Above: DIARIES by Marjolein Kruijt

An overview of Marjolein Kruijts publications:
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■ Oracle deck 44 cards ‘Magic of Unicorns Oracle Cards‘, Diana Cooper -HayHouse (RELEASE july 2021)

Marjoleins RECENT publications:
Oracle deck 44 cards ‘Archangel Animal Oracle Cards‘, Diana Cooper -HayHouse (2019)
Book cover ‘the Magic of Unicorns‘, Diana Cooper -HayHouse (2020)

BOOKS on Marjoleins Art:
Book ‘Drawing and painting animals with expression‘ (2016) -part 1 english translation
Book ‘Dieren tekenen en schilderen‘ (2016) -part 1  5th print JUBILEE edition
Book ‘Inspirerend dieren tekenen en schilderen (2014) -part 2
■ Book ‘Dieren tekenen en schilderen’ (2010) -part 1

■ DIARIES: Six years, Marjolein Kruijt Nature Diary -wildlife art- 2012 till 2017 > -each year filled with over 55 new paintings and illustrations
Birthday calendar Animals.
■ CD – animal illustrations for the cd of folkband OMNIA ‘Musick & Poëtree

MAGAZINES + covers:
■ “Paint & Draw” U.K. #aug 2017. Cover image+ step-by-step article on painting a wren in oil. 6 pages. Buy here
■ “Artists & Illustrators” U.K. #jan 2017. Cover image + article on painting dogs. Buy here
■ Art magazine “International Artist” # 32 in 2003 Canada: 8 pages about Marjolein Kruijts mystical oil landscapes.
■ Pratique des Arts (F) # may 2006: French art magazine featuring Marjoleins nature watercolors.
■ VROUW – magazine july 2011 in the Telegraaf newspaper, Marjolein herself is on the cover.
■GERMAN art magazines:

Various drawing- and painting instructional articles (step-by-step) for magazines Freude am Malen & Freude am Zeichnen
■ATELIER magazine:
Marjolein wrote articles from 2001-2015 for this art magazine.  Showing step-by-step articles, a ‘travelling blog’ where she shows sketches of her journeys. In her blog ‘green fingers’ she teaches what to draw and paint ‘around the house’ each season.
■ Majesteit # aug 2012 – cat magazine interview and backcover 5 pages.
■ Kattenmanieren 2010 – cat magazine interview.

■ Artists for Conservation ‘Nature in Art’ 2012 – CANADA – Limited edition.
■ Artists for Conservation ‘Nature in Art’ 2011 – CANADA – Limited edition.
■ Museum Mohlmann exhibition book ‘Varken in Vorm’ (Pigs in art) Sold out
Museum Mohlmann exhibition book ‘Realisten 2012-2013-2014-2015-2017-2018’- Buy here
■ Museum Mohlmann exhibition book ‘Hoogvliegers’ (Birds in Art) Sold out



2019/2021: Two oracle decks
1-Archangel Animal Oracle 44-Card deck
2- the Magic of UNICORNS 44-card deck
by HAYHOUSE, Diana Cooper with each 46 paintings by Marjolein Kruijt
The Archangel Animal Oracle Card deck - Marjolein Kruijt schilderijen & Diana Cooper auteur
'The Magic of Unicorns Oracle cards' Orakelkaarten Marjolein Kruijt & Diana Cooper
BOOKS by Marjolein Kruijt:
BOEKEN van / BOOKS by Marjolein Kruijt
Boek Magic of Unicorns - cover illustrator Marjolein Kruijt, auteur Diana Cooper
COVER: Wren in oil by Marjolein Kruijt and step-by-step article.
Paint & Draw magazine august 2017 - Marjolein Kruijt