Spiritual animal art & Symbolism

Marjolein paints the spiritual light that now enters the world with the animal in the leading role. She illustrates what is happening energetically in the current growth of human consciousness from 3D to 5D. The first large paintings shown here are from a new series ‘Illumined’. It contains power symbols including the ‘metatron cube’ and spirals and angel orbs. In her oracle artwork she painted also  channeled symbols. Marjolein is currently working on her series: ILLUMINED of twelve works and will develop over time and the series ‘I AM’, both an ongoing project. 

Below you can see two series: Illumined & I AM. New artwork will be added regularly.

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Marjolein Kruijt - Portal of Love painting

Illumined – series 

in progress

•Illumined II– ‘Yellowstone Portal – White wolves , in which the portal and ascension of the animals (including the bison in the milky way arc) is painted.
•Illumined I‘Portal of love’. Each bird symbolizes a specific human aspect  Added are rose quartz and other crystals. This paintings radiates the Love that energetically embraces your heart to help you become more aware to treat animals with care and respect. Animals give us so much more than we realize!
•Illumined III– ‘Earth Healing’. The unicorns hold Gaia, Earth, in the golden cryst light to raise the frequency to 5D and above. The star above is Lyra.

I AM – series 

in progress

The round series of I AM paintings are affirmations of spiritual themes. A conscious choice was made for real 23K gold leaf and silver leaf to strengthen the energetic power. This series is in ‘process’ and will eventually consist of a large number [2022-2024]

Animal symbolism

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