Portrait styles

Marjolein is best known for her commissioned realistic pet portraits. In addition, she also paints symbolically or more spiritually. If you want to order a portrait of your pet, you can also choose a style in addition to the choice of material. See more examples of spiritual style animals here. This is also possible for your pet!

Whichever style you choose, Marjolein always designs the portrait first before executing it. You will receive this sketch by e-mail, so that you know what to expect. Also: see the full pet portfolio


'Gift'- Sheltie sheepdog, 50x40cm, oil painting (sold)

A soul portrait of your pet is also possible. These arise from meditation. The dog above is painted in oil paint. These are also very comforting portraits in memoriam or as works of art.

'Jefke', 20x20 cm, oil on panel (sold)

A realistic portrait of your pet is a cherished memory on the wall. Because Marjolein knows how to capture the character and combine images, a unique portrait is created that you love most. Adding subtle details or symbols are also possible, such as ‘forget-me-nots’ or a favorite toy.

'Emma', 24x18 cm, oil painting on panel (sold)

Beautiful memories, painted in oil paint, pastel or drawn in other techniques.

Spiritual pet and dog portraits on commission - Marjolein Kruijt

Soul portrait:
These dogs and the foal shown here have been digitally painted and/or edited. So this is also possible! The animals have all passed away and by depicting them in their energy, a deep healing and mutual contact is created. This is experienced as very comforting. These can be painted in oils or digitally. In the latter you can order prints after completing the portrait. Interested? Contact

'Apolo', digital portrait in commission (sold)
Bestel een eenhoorn schilderij portret van jouw paard

Your horse painted as a unicorn:
This portrait was digitally painted after meditation and depicts the client’s unicorn. If you feel like you are surrounded by your unicorn or your (deceased) horses, feel free to contact me to have a portrait made of them. Interested?  Contact