Pet portrait prices

The costs depend on technique, size and complexity. Marjolein has experience in many materials, like oils, pastel, watercolour, charcoal, pencil and miniatures in acrylics. The pricelist below is based on one animal with a spheric background.

Multiple animals
Adding a detailed background or extra animal costs 20% per item extra. Marjolein designs a mock-up first to show you if this meets your wishes. Also the actual mutual sizes of the pets must be correct too. The effect of background colour, adjusted details like posture of ears, removing or adding toys/belts, will become more visible to you. Read more on how does it work?

To conserve a portrait for many generations to come, the artwork needs to be framed. Marjolein can arrange this for you, but isn’t an obligation. Keep in mind that the actual ‘end size’  of a portrait will be enlarged when a mat is needed or not. With oil portraits the frame will be attached straigh to the panel/canvas. All other paint- and drawmaterials require a mat and glass to prevent the artwork from touching the glass. The actual end size will then be much bigger that the ordered portrait size. Also the best glass to use is UV resistent, known here as museumglass. It’s amazingly crystal clear and almost invisible.

Custom made pet portraits by Animal artist Marjolein Kruijt

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Prices below are in EURO, including materials and dutch VAT. Framing is not included. The price is  based on ONE animal and a spheric background. Count 20% per extra animal and/or background —Read more about Techniques and close-ups


SIZE Oil Pastel Watercolour &
20 x 20 cm € 600 € 380 € 380 € 380
24 x 30 cm € 800 € 580 € 580 € 480
30 x 30 cm € 950 € 650 € 650 € 600
30 x 40 cm € 1100 € 800 € 800 € 700
40 x 50 cm € 1500 € 1200 € 1200 € 900
50 x 50 cm € 1800 € 1500 € 1500 € 1300
50 x 60 cm € 2200 € 1900 € 1900 € 1700
60 x 80 cm € 2800 € 2500 € 2500 € 2200
70 x 90 cm € 3500 € 3200 € 3200 € 2800
80 x 80 cm € 4000 € 3700 € 3700 € 3300
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Miniatuur dierportretten in opdracht door Marjolein Kruijt


Miniature portraits €150

Marjolein designed many miniatures for her previous anual publications. This became a ‘hit’, resulting in doing them in commission now too. Great to collect or an affordable piece of art. For €150 Marjolein paints your dog, cat, horse or any other pet in acrylics. Each pet is appr. 8 cm big, on 11×11 cm paper. Once framed the actual size with mat will be 20×20 cm or larger.
NB. More animals on on miniature is also possible, but it’s size will be 15×15 cm or larger. For a personal quote contact Marjolein.

Dog portrait in commission by Marjolein Kruijt

Delivery time & payment

The delivery time depends on choice of technique, materials, complexity of the portrait and other waiting commissions. Count for at least 3-4 months for oil portraits, since they are painted in many layers, each needing to dry first before she can continue. Other materials are instant dry on completion and ready to hand over to you. Do contact her on more accurate delivery times in case it’s of importance for you.

Note: In case of a birthday or other special anniversary, do contact Marjolein to discuss possibilities. Speed-commissions are sometimes possible, if choice of technique allows.

On payment: Paypal , creditcard connected to paypal, or Bank transfer are possible. A 50% deposit is desirable. The rest upon completion. A quote for postal costs will be added on top.

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Questions? Contact Marjolein without obligations and personal feedback concerning your wishes.


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