Commissioned portraits pricelist

The costs depend on technique, size and complexity of the portrait. The pricelist below is based on one animal with neutral background. Questions? Contact Marjolein for personal feedback concerned your wishes.

Multiple animals
An additional background and (or) an extra animal in the same portrait costs 10% per item extra. Marjolein will design the composition first, to ensure that the proportion of the combined elements are correct. If you have any wishes added, you can ask Marjolein what’s possible.

Bespoke framing
A portrait should remain in excellent state for many generations. To conserve a painting or drawing correctly, it should be framed for protection. Marjolein can arrage a fitting frame, but it’s not obligated to order one through her. A frame for an oil painting has the same size as its panel or canvas. Glass or a mat isn’t necessary because of the applied varnish with UV filter. Other techniques do need a mat and glass. Best is museum quality glass, which is crystal clear and has an UV filter. Due to the surrounded mat and frame, the outside measurements get bigger, up to 20 cm.

Cat portrait painting in commission (framed) by pet portrait artist Marjolein Kruijt


This pricelist is in euro, including all art materials and taxes, but without frames. All fees are based on one animal with neutral background. Count an additional 10% per extra animal and a more detailed background. NOTE: these prices do NOT count for Marjoleins ‘free’ artwork! Those prices are listed in the titles or on request. ALSO, ordered portraits through a gallery might have an additional pecentage fee added.
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Watercolor &
20 x 20 cm (8″x8″) € 600 € 380 € 380 € 380
24 x 30 cm (9,4″x12″) € 800 € 580 € 580 € 480
30 x 30 cm (12″x12″) € 950 € 650 € 650 € 600
30 x 40 cm (12″x15,7″) € 1100 € 800 € 800 € 700
40 x 50 cm (15,7″x19,7″) € 1500 € 1200 € 1200 € 900
50 x 50 cm (19,7″x19,7″) € 1800 € 1500 € 1500 € 1300
50 x 60 cm (19,7″x23,6″) € 2200 € 1900 € 1900 € 1700
60 x 80 cm (23,6″x31,5″) € 2800 € 2500 € 2500 € 2200
70 x 90 cm (27,5″x35,4″) € 3500 € 3200 € 3200 € 2800

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Miniatuur dierportretten in opdracht door Marjolein Kruijt


Miniature portraits €120

Marjolein has made many illustrations for her yearly publications. They got highly in demand! Now she offers the possibility to paint such a miniature of your pet in commission. Great to collect or give as a present. For only  €120 (appr. $130/GBP 103*) Marjolein paints your dog, cat, horse (or other loved animal) exclusively. The image size is appr. 8 cm (3″) high on 11×11 cm (4″x4″) paper in acrylics. Once framed with a mat it will measure up to 20×20 cm (8″x8″) in size. It’s a great gift!  Currency Converter

YES, I would love a miniature of my pet!

Pet portrait framed

Delivery time

The delivery time depends on the technique (drying time), complexity and size of the portrait. And how busy Marjoleins agenda is. Count 2-3 months at least for oils, especially since it needs to be thoroughly dry before transportation. Other techniques are ready straight after completion. Ask Marjolein in case you have a specific request or delivery date for an anniversary or Christmas.

Note: Order in time for special occasions! The delivery time can take up to half a year for larger works, when multiple commissions come in at the same time. Speed-delivery is sometimes possible, when Marjolein has the time. In all cases, it’s best to ask Marjolein the current status of her agenda.

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* Currencies vary by the minute. US Dollar and GBP prices mentioned on this website are an indication. For the actual prices, check a currency converter to be sure. Marjolein is situated in the Netherlands, where the Euro is used.


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