Spiritual painting – the Grand Awakening update

'The Grand Awakening'- tree of life Yggdrasil 120x80 cm, oil on canvas

An update of my large painting ‘The Grand Awakening’. 120x80cm oil on canvas. I’ve been working on it for a number of years. I paint it intuitively and meditatively and it is therefore a ‘self-appearing’ process. Last month my attention was drawn to the ancient Yggdrasil-tree illustrations from Norse mythology, as my son learned at school that week. In those images, ‘elements’ reside under the roots of the tree of life. Levels of ‘spirituality, life  and consciousness’ are shown in layers one above the other, but are not connected to each other. Only with a rainbow (symbolism of chakra’s?). It hadn’t occurred to me that I was actually painting a more recent version of the tree of life. The process of ‘awakening’, growth in consciousness of the world. In my painting the elementals sit in the tree, the elves and animals move towards the light in the tree and golden keys and codes are brought in by wisdom (white owl). Everything comes together. The longer you watch, the more of the ‘story’ is told. Behind the tree you can see the ‘new crystal cities’ emerging. With golden light on the horizon like a sunrise. Galaxy connections above the tree, and the ‘Divine’ light coming down centrally, connecting everything. Enjoy it!

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