Dog portrait painting in progress

Dogportrait painting in progress by Marjolein Kruijt

Animation dog petportrait painting step by step by Marjolein Kruijt

May 2, 2016 ~ This slideshow shows various steps of a dog portrait painting (in commission) I made. See how it develops from pencil drawing to finished painting. Of course there are many many more steps I’ve made, especially in the design and details. Those steps can be seen in my 1st book (3rd print edition) on animal painting, called “Dieren tekenen en schilderen”, showing a lot of close-ups on painting fur and painting the eyes. Although the book is not in english language at this date, the images show it all.  Also a list of materials is added. This book is almost sold out, also by the publisher…so don’t wait too long to order it here!

Boek dieren teken en schilderen met Marjolein Kruijt (deel 1)
Book part 1
boek inspirerend dieren tekenen en schilderen Marjolein Kruijt
Book part 2

Want to see more animal painting  techniques?
In my 2nd book called ‘Inspirerend dieren tekenen en schilderen’, I go even further into the matter of painting animals. Showing over 200 animal portraits, I talk about edges, inspiration, backgrounds, painting good shadows in fur- and eyes, etc.  Order your copy of the 2nd book here.
Update: Part 1 is available in English!  (nov 2016). Order your copy here!


Interested in a portrait of your OWN pet?

Read here all Marjoleins  options and prices.Stay tuned, coming weeks a lot of new pages information on the process and details of the techniques will be added!

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