Book Dieren tekenen en schilderen (dutch)-PART1


In this book you learn to capture the essence of an animal in pastel, watercolor and oil. Marjolein Kruijt teaches you some basic drawing techniques which helps you to create very realistic paintings and drawing in a simple and quick way. Learn to sketch from real life and to trust your talent. Marjolein shares her knowledge on the use of colors, lighting, depth and composition. See her artwork come to life in six demonstations. This book is valuable for either beginner or advanced artists, showing over 100 cat, dog, and wildlife paintings and drawings by Marjolein. Learn more about this book below.
144 pages – A4 size – Hardcover – 3rd print may 2013, Edicola Publishing. FREE bookmarker when you order through this website.

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In this first book on ‘drawing and painting animals’ Marolein Kruijt teaches how to breathe life in a painting, the eyes , capture its character, how to paint fur and finding inspiration. The book shows over 100 drawing and paintings by Marjolein, and talks about:
• her inspiration, the stories behind her paintings.
• Techniques in oil, pastel, watercolor and drawing techniques.
• Composition, lighting your subject, how to draw living animals, with some help by basic sketch techniques and insights.
• Wildlife, dogs en cats: their anatomy, fur, eyes/ears and how to capture their essence.
• Six demonstrations in pastel, watercolor and oil.

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