Visionary Art ~ Unicorns & other creatures


Visionary Art ~ Unicorns & other creatures

In 2017 and 2018 I worked hard on a large series of paintings for author Diana Cooper. In total I illustrated 46 paintings with the theme ‘Archangels and Animals’ showing their role here on earth. It will be a publication on release early february 2019.


Diana Cooper and Marjolein Kruijt at the Angel World Summit 2018, Bristol (HayHouse)

Besides this project I’ve been working on a series of ‘free visionary’ artwork for some time now. Using animal symbolism. Check them out here. I’ve been growing ‘into’ unicorns a lot. So I’ll be posting some new artwork on this soon.

Momentarily we are in a huge energy shift. I love showing this in my paintings, and hope it may inspire you to share more love in your life during these tumultious times in the global ascension process.

Do let me know what you think about my new artwork! Love to hear from you. ~ Marjolein


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