VIDEO Siberian cat step-by-step


VIDEO Siberian cat step-by-step

This step-by-step video of a commissioned petportrait of a Siberain cat  shows how it evolves from sketch to finished result, then being professionally scanned. All captured in a short slide-show. The professional scanner, I am talking about has the size of half a room. Not mine though! This scanner also scanned artwork from the old masters in the Rijksmuseum as well as artwork of well know artist of this time. The quality of this scan is amazing, every layer of oilpaint, every little hair my cat decided to shed near my wet painting, and even texture can be captured.  Perfect for art Giclées. In the Netherlands Giclées aren’t that popular (yet) as actual artwork. Its market seems to be mainly UK and USA. Nevertheless it’s great to have good scans for future use. P.e. I needed them for my three published books.  My husband Renso Tamse has a webshop showing more examples of these great giclées of his amazing wildlife watercolors. Check it out here:

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