Sketching kittens in charcoal


Sketching kittens in charcoal

July 7, 2016 ~ Sketching kittens in something that keeps me inspired.  This young kitten is drawn in charcoal. The facial and physical expression of young kittens jumping all over eachother, keeps changing by the second. Which makes this subject so hard to grasp. From ‘wild’ to ‘funny’, ‘hard-to-get’ to ‘instant-sleepy’.  When an animal sits still I usually start a liniair drawing (from lines). Searching for the correct anathomy, shapes, position of eyes and ears. With ongoing movement I choose either to stick to loose lines and half finished sketches, or work from a complete grey shape in which I later draw (or lift out) the face. Like I did here. That technique asks some patience: I need to wait until the kitten gets into a similar position to continue the details. It takes time but it is worth it. It’s very satisfying to do. Interested in collecting an original sketch or kitten illustration? Click here to see online available pieces or mail me: the collection is bigger than shown online here.

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Sketching kittens in charcoal - Marjolein Kruijt

Sketching Kittens in Charcoal- Marjolein Kruijt