Pencil drawing technique


Pencil drawing technique

Potlood teken technieken. Dierenportretten & portret hond Marjolein KruijtJuly 12, 2016 ~ This shepherd dog puppy is made in commission. Its handdrawn in pencil on a size of 30×20 cm. It’s also published in my 2nd book on animal drawing and painting, in a large size. So you can see the details and technique up close. I use various types of pencils, hardness from 9H till 9B. The H pencils give a much lighter line due to its hardness than the B-pencils. A 9B creates almost black lines compared to the 9H. Combining various hardness in one drawing gives a great variation in line and contrast. It does require specific steps, with some blending in between stages and deliberate lifting sections with a kneaded eraser. Also the type of paper is importrant: not to much texture, best is a smooth surface. I work in many layers to give the fur and eyes the depth they need. Finishing the drawing with the most soft dark lines and details in 9B.drawing eyes in pencil by marjolein kruijt

Want to learn more? In my 2nd book a step-by-step article is added of a stafford terriër (dog)portrait in pencil, to show my techniques and materials. Order your copy here for only €24,95. (written in DUTCH…at this point). The book shows over 200 artworks by Marjolein, which makes it a must-have for AnimalArt lovers. If you wish she will sign your copy!

Portrait of Your Pet by Marjolein?

That is possible! Click here to read all about it.

Technieken & close-ups portretten in opdracht Marjolein Kruijt


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