New symbolic animal paintings


New symbolic animal paintings

I have been working on a new series of  ‘free’ paintings on a large size. Weaving all my interests together: nature, animals, crystals, mystical knowledge, all with a spiritual sense. Here you see a detail of my recent finished painting. Let the message and symbolism speak for itself at this point. It’s a painting for and by the heart. Soon I will share another detail of this painting where ten special birds are shown. The total piece is 120×80 cm in oil on canvas. It took me six months to complete.

This series is not a new style that just happened.  It’s a mixture -or result- of many genre’s I’ve been exploring last 20 years. Like my mystical English landscapes (1999>), Celtic symbolism in my art academy graduation series in lithography (1998>) and animal symbolism/artwork (1999>) and my music paintings (1996-1997). In my archive you can see a small selection of that. (keep scrolling down there)

If you’d love this symbolic style in a custom made petportrait of your pet, don’t hesitate ask me for the possibilities!

Soon I’ll upload my recently finished pet portraits in commission (made in my classical painting style) of cats and dogs. Click here to read more general information on portraits in commission.

Close-up Illumined I, atelornis pittoides, detail of a painting by Marjolein Kruijt
Close-up Illumined I, painting - animal symbolism


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