Mystical landscapes in watercolour


Mystical landscapes in watercolour

July 4, 2016 ~ Dartmoor, England. To me this is one of the most inspiring places to visit. I visit it as often as I can, to deeping my connection with its mystical nature. Old forests, stonecircles, waterfalls; sometimes I think I painted Dartmoor completely last 20 years. But each time when I visit, I see so many new things for the first time. I discover new ‘depths’ in nature as well as in myself. This watercolour I made some years ago, captures the timelessness I feel when walking over the moors. It could easly been thousands of years ago! I will make a lot of new drawings and paintings of this beautiful place. A small selection of Dartmoors ‘mystical landscapes’ in oil and watercolour can be seen here:

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Dartmoor landscape in watercolour- painting by Marjolein Kruijt


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