Lambs: spring is here!


Lambs: spring is here!

Half way of january I was in aw of ‘the’ sighting: baby lambs jumping around in the fields. An image that touches all hearts, maybe because it reminds us of a childlike innocence and ‘joy in the moment’. A subject that always inspires me. Catching their vulnerability. Unbothered, they put on a jumpy show on shacky ‘high heals’.  I visit the newborns at a farm, to sketch and paint on the spot. Taking reference materials for future designs (I always tend to mix and redesign, since I dislike painting ‘blind from photo’s’) Below some paintings I did of them. The last image of the lambs on grass have featured the cover of my yearly diary (Marjolein Kruijt Nature Diary.)

Would you love a lamb painting on your wall? When you’re interested in buying one or order one to your needs feel free to contact me or read more on the commission page.

book preview
Marjolein Kruijt bookmarker kingfisher and lamb

How to paint Lambs step-by-step:

In my book ‘Dieren tekenen en schilderen‘(PART1) an article is published of little lambs in oil. It’s only available in dutch at this moment. The translated ENGLISH book version is a previous print, and does NOT feature this demonstration. If you don’t mind the language and enjoy the images anyhow. You can get your copy of the BOOK here for €24,95/$25. Also, you recieve a free bookmarker (I’ve got various designs. Add a note if you’d prefer the lamb bookmarker). The book shows over 200 images of animal paintings and drawings of mine.
Order only the bookmarkers (set of 3) here for only €3/$3

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