This page shows Marjolein Kruijts creative development as an artist. Two selections of her graduation collections of the art academies: music paintings (1997) and lithographies (1999). And a small selection of her murals (<2010)


Creating wallpaintings was a prominent part of Marjoleins carreer. For almost fifteen years she has worked in commission, until 2010. It simply became fysically too heavy. She didn’t regret this decision, since she finally found time to publish two books and a yearly diary of her artwork.

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Music collection

Marjoleins graduation collection of her first art academy contained mainly paintings inspired by -and painted on- music (1996/’97). Technically she stayed true to her inspirational source: captyring the soul of nature and its animals.

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A small selection of Marjoleins graduation collection of the royal art academy: lithographies of mystical nature (1998/’99). Using celtic symbols, layering the stoneprints in colors or simple black and white.
The sizes vary from 100x70cm till 20×30 cm.

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