ANNIVERSARY! 20 years in business | sales!


ANNIVERSARY! 20 years in business | sales!

Aug 2017 ~ The 2nd part of 2017 is very festive! Since 1997 I have been a professional artist. This special event I love sharing with you! First, thank you so much for all the appreciation of my art, follows on my social media, beautiful commissions and art sales!
The exact anniversary date was quite a puzzle. Was it the year that I sold a lot of artwork in my 1st year as an art student…or when I officially filed for a Tax number? I chose my art graduation year, in august. It was at that moment I sold more seriously in galleries and my petportraiture took flight when my website got online. Resulting in multiple tv-appearances demonstrating my skills. In 1999 my business was officially started on paper. To celebrate this, I will offer you some nice sales, and discounts. And…a review on my art-carreer.

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READ & VIEW my carreer from student till now here:
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